My first task is to complete Platform Order Management!

March 31, 2023 07:00 Sukrit Sunama Update  

In late March 2023, after I tried contacting my first potential customer but he did not answer my chat because we had agreed to develop software for his business since one month ago and that was when I realized I needed to do something to move this business forward.

That night my head was filled with questions of what I should do now? I thought about even starting a food delivery service like Grab to make it my prototype or customer zero for my SaaS Business. Trust me, since I was 22 I have experience starting a cafe, so I know how hard it is to start a food business. And the next morning I even talked seriously to my wife about it but luckily my younger sister who started selling stuff through platforms like Shopee and Lazada called me that late morning saying she needed software to manage her business because her sales had grown. And that was the story I wanted to tell my audience.

Back to my work because I want to design something that can manage any business so I redesigned the concept of how each business works with it. Each business needs to have a “Website” and a website needs “Packages”. My customer can add packages to their website depending on the kind of business/operation they need but every website needs a “Website Package” for basic usage.

Package list

  • Website - Pricing by Disk Space Storage (GB), Charged when exceeds 0.5 GB from $5, Next usage charge: $5/1GB
  • Shopping - Pricing by Order/month, Charged when exceeds 100 transactions from $5, Next usage charge: $5/1000 transactions
The above table shows how I planned to charge my customers, and look at the “Charge when use more than” column, it means it has a free tier!

For example, if you use the Shopping Platform you will be charged monthly = Website $5 + Shopping Platform $5 = $10 and if you have monthly transactions (from the platform) 5,500 you will have an additional charge = round[up]((5,500 - 1,000)/ 1,000) * $5 = $25. The total this month will cost $35.

Pricing can change anytime depending on how many resources the software uses on the server, so I think this feature should be published in late April 2023.


Sukrit Sunama

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