Successful business is simply turning your imagination into the real world.

April 06, 2023 07:00 Sukrit Sunama

Did you know that we live in an imaginary world more than we realize? We live in it, talk about it, but only a few people take notice of it. A tangible example of this is a company.

Why do I say that a company is just an imagination? Yuval Noah Harari explains in his famous book, "Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind," the concepts of objective and subjective. Objective things are real objects that exist in the physical world, such as buildings, the world, you, and cars. On the other hand, subjective things are concepts that mix with real-world objects and human imagination, such as laws, owners, countries, and companies!

When we examine laws, we realize that they do not exist in the real world! If you were not human and came from another planet, laws would not exist for you. They are simply characters written on paper. However, for us humans, we need to follow them, or we will face punishment or be sent to jail. Even for a company, how do we create one? We fill out a form and get it approved by the government, and a company that never existed suddenly acts like a human. A company can open a bank account, buy or sell things, and own property. But where is the company in the real world? Nowhere. It is simply a product of our imagination, or what we call subjective.

Let's go back to the time when we first wanted to start our business. What did we think? What did we believe? Why did we want to spend our whole life achieving this goal? We trusted ourselves, and the power existed in our minds. We closed our eyes, pulled the energy from our deepest desires, and imagined what it would look like. We painted the world around us according to our vision. We let our minds do the best thing and turn it into a tangible world, day by day. The company that we build each day is simply a product of our imagination. We can shape it into any form we want, and no one can rule it except us. We should not let ourselves or anyone else limit our minds.

I believe that my business can help many entrepreneurs grow their businesses, fuel their hearts, educate them with essential knowledge, manage their businesses more efficiently, and expand their networks worldwide. Thank you for reading, and I hope this article can help you grow your mind and business!


Sukrit Sunama

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