Winner and Loser have the same goal

March 24, 2023 07:00 Sukrit Sunama Personal Development  

Back in January 2023, I cycled 1,100 km alone from Singapore to Thailand. This trip changed my perspective in ways I never imagined. I had to cycle 80-130 km every day to reach my destination in 17 days.
GPS cycling log from Johor Bahru to Buta Pahat
During the first few days, I covered too much distance from Johor Bahru to Buta Pahat, which was 130 km. I arrived in Buta Pahat at 8 pm after cycling for 13 hours. At times, I questioned why I was doing this trip and why I needed to cycle so much. Why not just stay at home and relax? Cycling 20 km an hour was like hard jogging, and I had to do it for 10 hours a day. It felt like running a marathon every day until I reached my destination.

Doesn't this sound like your business? If not, that should be your destination (lol 😉). Just like cycling, if you want to win in the business game, you must win every day. And the key to winning every day is to improve a little bit every day.

When I arrived in Buta Pahat, I realized that 130 km was too long, and it made my muscles hurt. Since it was a cycling trip, I only had one day to rest, and I couldn't fully recover my leg muscles. I learned the hard way that just like running a marathon, you cannot push yourself too hard. If you push too hard today, you will suffer the consequences in the long run. The key to success is discipline! But that discipline must be achievable in real life.

Since 2015, I have started and destroyed one business. I spent 10-14 hours a day for a year, without any weekends, and wrote around 1.4 million lines of code for the website. That's equal to 240 books! But all that hard work resulted in nothing. I got a few customers and had conflicts with my co-founder. I learned a hard lesson from that experience.

So, improve your business every day, but within the limits of your own happiness. If you do business, you must do it like running a marathon. Don't sprint, or you will burn out, and don't stop, or you will give up on your business.


Sukrit Sunama

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