Software-as-a-Platform (SaaP) Professional

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Unlike the platform business model, SaaP can generate profit from the start of the business.

Better Relationship

Get in touch with your customers, because the product has more value than just being a place to sell their products or services.

Solid Plan

It is more understandable to create a plan and generate results by comparing them to finding a new business model that has not been tested before.

Executing a real-world product is not a straightforward process.

We've built our platform with the understanding that products need to be continually built, tested, and pivoted. Forget about the traditional workflow process where a software development firm gets some requirements and meets with the customer in the next 6-12 months with a product that is unusable for real business. Instead, we release the first version of the product in just a few weeks, which is ready to be tested with your customers. Then we measure what works or not and continue in the next cycle in a few weeks. This process is called Lean Startup, which makes software development time shorter and provides real solutions for customers.

Not only software development, but also marketing tasks.

Most entrepreneurs are skilled in their core product, which is why you can leave the tech and digital marketing part to us. We have more experience than you in these areas. However, the branding direction will still be yours. We will handle the contract, meetings, and weekly reports.

Full of tools for you and your customers since the beginning.

Your project will use the same source code as Witzh, which means that you can also have access to all of our features. We designed our website architecture to support multiple applications, allowing us to share the core of our SaaS program, including features such as cart, payment, CSM, blog, and many more in the future. This means less time spent on development and better features for every project that we work on.